Monday, February 23, 2009

The Oscars - Yep I am a Hater

So I know there may be people who disagree, but overall I have to say I did not like the Oscars. I mean, Hugh was fun and there were some good moments, but overall I was NOT impressed at all.

I actually recorded it and watched it tonight. It only took me about 45 minutes to get through, fast forwarding through many of the boring speeches and A MILLION commercials.

What I liked:
- Hugh Jackman, though I don't know how I am going to feel about him after all that singing and dancing when I go to watch X-Men: Wolverine this summer. But overall, he was fun, charming, grateful, didn't try too hard to be something he isn't and handsome. very nice.
- The opening number was fun
- The outfits
- I think the right people/movies won

What I didn't like:
- Pretty much everything else....
- All the flipp'n musical numbers. I didn't know if I was watching the Oscars or the Tony's
- Beyonce IN those musical numbers
- Talking about the actors before they handed out the award - I didn't like it at all. I mean come on, let's pump up their ego's just a little more. I am sure that wasn't the intention, but that is how it came off to me. HATED IT.
- The In Memoriam. I liked the singing, but I did not like the camera moving all around. The camera should be still on the people that we are remembering.
- Why were the high school musical people there?
- They seemed to show Brad & Angelina every 15 minutes on the camera. I think they had a camera just stationed there.
- That it ran over (like always) and it cut off the end of the Oscars for those of us recording.
- Oscars: 45 minutes; Commercials: 3 hours

Overall, it was just boring & stupid to me this year. Sorry, Academy Awards...maybe next year.


  1. I thought it was ok. I sort of fell asleep in the middle and missed the memorial section. I also HATE Beyonce and did not appreciate her musical act. All the talking introductions for the nominees was waaaaay too long. There were parts I liked (Hugh Jackman) but the rest was... eh.

    Hugh Jackman is my secret boyfriend. He and Daniel Craig may have to duke it out over my hot self. Ever since I watched Daniel Craig interviewed on the Daily Show he is even cuter because he told Jon Stewart about how nervous he gets in public and you could totally tell at the Oscars.

  2. I didn't like all the praise of the actors before giving them the award, either. Like they need their egos inflated any more. They were saluting them like they had found a cure for cancer or something.