Thursday, February 05, 2009

There Are Just Some Things That Shouldn't Be Marketed For Valentines Day

So I signed up to receive special offers from Rosetta Stone, the language learning system. I want to learn a new language and some day I will have the $500 to do so.

Anyways I got an email today that was marketing Rosetta Stone for Valentines Day. Hmmmm, really? I don’t really care to celebrate Valentines Day anyways, usually just a card but no gifts, but if I did celebrate and we were going to be spending that kind of money on each other I wouldn’t want Rosetta Stone…well not unless a vacation to the place I was learning the language was with it. I know I said I want it, but as a gift on a day that celebrates "love"….not so much.

In the email there was a picture of a couple holding hands and it said, “Rediscover what you love about the World.” “Share a new language-learning journey this year with someone you love. Rosetta Stone makes it easy with our Valentines Day Offer.”

This really just made me laugh!

Rosetta Stone isn’t the worst, here are other products/companies I thought that should probably avoid marketing specifically with Valentines Day Specials. Join in!!

-Rosetta Stone - Learn A New Language Valentines Special: “If you are tired of listening to your spouse yell at you in your language, make them learn one you don’t understand.”

-Pharmaceutical Companies - Genital Herpes Crèmes Valentines Special: “For the love in your life who has everything, including a sexually transmitted disease”

-The Weight Loss Industry – Gym Membership Valentines Special: “Don’t give something to the one you love, take something away….like those extra pounds.”

-Alcohol/Liquor Companies – Liquor Valentines Special: “Rekindle that romance by getting your special love as drunk as the first time you met. You can thank us in the morning.”

-Gas Stations – Gas Card Valentines Special: “Give your wife the kind of gas that she will enjoy!”

-Therapists* – Therapy Valentines Special: “Has Your Loved One Gone Crazy? Give Help. Call a Therapist.”

-Cosmetic Surgery Companies - Botox Valentines Special: “The perfect gift for that special sagging someone who is not get any younger.”

- Fast Food Restaurants – Gift Card Valentines Special: “Because that was the best idea I could come up for the person I love.”

*Please note: If you go to a Therapist I am not saying you are crazy….I think Therapy can be a very good thing. I am just attempting to be funny.


  1. HAHAHA! I love the alcohol one!

  2. I love your therapy disclaimer. But I still maintain, as does my husband, that I am batsh*t crazy.

  3. I love how you spelled, "Crèmes".

    Lol. Genital Herpes cremes for a V-day gift. Hee hee.

  4. I loved these! Gas station! hahah