Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I Love....

Giada De Laurentiis! (click here)

I will try to not be too stalker-ish in this post, though I can not promise anything.

I seriously love her cooking shows, food, style, attitude and just think she is fun and adorable. She is currently my favorite celebrity chef (gasp, I know...I use to feel this way about Rachael Ray. Still like her but she is everywhere these days and it can be a bit annoying.) I don't own any of her cook books *cough cough* but I get her recipes offline and love her food. I also tried to ask her a question today on a live online chat, but my question didn't get there in time...I was sad :( Seriously, I love her!

I posted this today because she has kind inspired me to start something new on my blog. Something I am passionate about and want to share. Post to come later today!!!


  1. she's my favorite too!

    i've made one of her pasta recipes...it was a bit complicated and we ended up w/ a TON of pasta..but it was good.


    and, i think posting recipes is a good idea. it's always good to try something new on a blog, i think. :)

  2. I love her too!!! I just love how she describes her food while she is eating it. ( the softness of the gnocchi just melts in your mouth. and with the sweet flavor of the sauce and the crunchiness of the topping..... hehe)

  3. I also love her. She is one of the few cooks that can say things with an "italiano" pronunciation and it doesn't bug me.

  4. I like her and I watch her on Food Network. My only complaint about her is that, when she talks, she shows every. single. one. of her teeth. You can see ALL OF THEM.