Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Have Come to the Conclusion That Celebrities Just Stink

Yep, celebrities must smell something awful! Why do I say that, because so many of them have their own perfume. Everywhere you look a celebrity is creating a perfume.....an Eau De Themselves to share with the world.

I have compiled a list of some celebrities who sell their scents and what I imagine their perfumes smell like.

Kate MossCrack and Cigarettes
Donald TrumpOld Spice & Hair Growth Cream
Hilary DuffNot sure why this perfume is even as popular as it is.
Reese Witherspoon – Sweet Flowers. It would be a bit too much at times but overall it is a very pleasant smell
Avril LavigneIt would try to smell like it was punk and a badass but it wouldn’t be anything of the sort
Sarah Jessica ParkerSmelled it; Didn’t like it
Kylie MinoguePeaches & Cream (I really like her)
David BeckhamSweat, Grass, and Pure Hotness
Britney SpearsCheetos and Bubble Gum
Jennifer LopezBitch with a hint of lilac
Christina AguileraAt first it would smell a bit raunchy, but eventually it would mellow out and be more tolerable
Paris HiltonSkank
Mariah CareyCherries, vanilla, flowers, peaches, sweetness, spiciness, gold, diamonds, chocolate cake, shrimp, caviar….basically everything out there
Gwen Stefani - Bananas
Celine DionMoth balls, espresso & Icy Hot
P.DiddyWhat does a tool smell like?!?!

I would like to create my own perfume. I think mine would be generally sweet but every so often you would just get a whiff of tartness.


  1. Oh my Gosh! You are freaking hilarious!

    You nailed everyone perfectly.

    "Gwen Stefani - B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

    One of the best posts of all time.

  2. Wow J...you crack me up!

    (This should be a tshirt too!)

  3. wow - not only was this HIGHLY creative and entertaining, but it was pretty spot-on!

  4. LOL! That was great and a read out loud post - as in, "Hey Ryan, you've gotta hear these...."

  5. I am dying laughing! I love this!

    "Eau de themselves" was insanely funny.

    Beckham = uber hot

  6. So funny! loved this

  7. Jennifer Lopez was spot on!

  8. These are great. I would wear the Jennifer Lopez one. "Bitch with a hint of lilac" pretty much sums me up.