Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Get The GIST

Ok, so it has been awhile since I have done my GIST List but I missed doing this, so here we go!

3-15-09 (Kristen’s B-Day)
1. That my sister was born!!!
2. Seeing my sister drink her margarita….she should stick with rum
3. That K. can FINALLY go out with us and drink. Seriously, sometimes I forget how much younger she is then me.
4. That my sister actually wanted to spend time with us on her birthday (not that the following weekend she didn’t have a party planned with her friends) but the fact that she wanted to be with family was very special.
5. How excited she was with her Nintendo cake!

1. Taking the day off work
2. My parents staying an extra day so we could spend time together
3. Sitting on the couch after mom and dad left and watching a movie and crocheting my scarf.
4. Not going into work.
5. Enjoying a day at my house and not having to be at my place of employment.

1. St. Patrick’s Day!! Though I didn’t get my drink on, it is still a fun day.
2. The color green, it is my fav.
3. Staying home watching The Real Housewives of New York while Terry goes and gets his drink on with some friends. (I wish I could stop this show because it annoys me….but I can’t)
4. Being content with where my life is right now.
5. Good timing. Pulled up to Tim Hortons with 1 car in front of me. Left with 8 cars behind me. LUCKY

1. Finishing my scarf…it is awesome.
2. Having plenty of stuff at work to keep my busy so the day goes by fast but not too much that it is stressful
3. Reading my horoscope and deciding that I was going to take Friday off as well to spend with my mom
4. Dove Deodorant and how well it smells and works
5. My husband bringing out his “Dad Tone” when he got home with Chinese after work and I was playing on the computer (he doesn’t do it that often and it is usually ME who says this kind of stuff and it cracks me up when he does because he is usually just a big kid and laid back.) “Jenn, get off the computer. You have had all evening to mess around online. Dinner is getting cold.” Awesome.

1. Oreo’s and milk
2. Snuggling with my hubby.
3. Thursday night TV
4. Wireless Internet in our house, finally!
5. Apples with Peanut Butter.

1. Taking the day off AGAIN (yes two days off in the same week).
2. Being able to spend the day with my mom in Columbus
3. My extra soft hands after having a Spa manicure
4. Laughing. ALL. DAY.
5. Having these kind of special days with family members/friends. You never know how many you are going to get and you need to take the opportunities whenever you are able.

1. Going to the movie
2. Movie theater popcorn…it tastes so good it hurts.
3. Reading my new Russell Brand book…I love him.
4. Surprises from my husband. He got me a Nora Jones Record.
5. Seeing our friends kids.

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