Monday, March 30, 2009

VERY Random Thought of the Day

So I often wonder, why do people whistle while they walk, NOT to be confused with whistling while you work (which the seven dwarfs made perfectly acceptable back in the 30’s). I understand whistling to get attention or whistling in the shower but just casually whistling whilst walking around, I want to ask why. According to Terry, who is an occasional walker who whistles, he says it is either to pass time because he is bored or he is in a good mood. (I am saying it is 99.9% the former of the two)

So what brought this random thought to the forefront of my perceptive mind, well at work TWO people at separate times were walking through the office whistling and I was at the grocery store and someone was pushing their cart while whistling. And so it begins. And the thing is it doesn’t really annoy me, which is a surprise as I seem to get annoyed with people easily, and I am ALL for people preventing boredom and to promote people being in goods moods so if that means a world of walking whistlers I will take that over a bunch of assholes ANY day. HOWEVER, when I hear a person whistle & walk I get easily distracted and my overly active imagination goes in overdrive and I start to think......

First I envision them walking with a little bounce in their step. I just don't think you can whistle and walk without a little skip thrown in. Enter MY mind and imagine with me, if you will, a person most likely wearing something along the lines of a pale colored polo shirt with a stripped matching collared shirt underneath and khaki pants and brown penny loafers walking in a very bouncy way through their suburban neighborhood (or an office) bobbing their head and swinging their arms in tune with whatever they are whistling. You can look into their eyes and see them smiling…you know, exactly what Tyra tells her potential “Top Models” to with your eyes, folks. I feel as though you just can’t have one without the other, the whistle, the smiling eyes and the bouncy walk that is.

Plus, what tune would you whistle to while strolling. I feel that this is a very important decision and could make or break the whole walk and affect the mood you are in or trying to go for. (too stressful for me) Would you make up your own or would you whistle to, lets say Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” or maybe “Human” by the Killers or maybe you would go with a good 80’s song like "Build Me Up Buttercup". I mean, for sure you would not try walking and whistle something from the likes of Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd and for sure not Beethoven’s 9th. You whistle something like that you are bound to walk slowly and you would be gloomy and I feel as though it would defeat the entire purpose of whistling while walking. I know I don’t fully support the whistle/walk combo but IF you are going to do it, I say lets do it right. And I often want to ask people who whistle and walk if they will take requests....our office is a bit quiet at times and I am all for a good upbeat song to make the day go by.

I don’t ever see myself, no matter HOW good a mood I am in, whistling while I walk. Partly because it just seems odd to me, partly because I can not sustain a whistle for a long time without an excess amount of spittle coming out of my mouth, and partly because I am fairly certain I CAN NOT whistle and walk at the same time. I can barely walk and look to my right or left without falling down or running into something, so try to add a whistle, a bounce in my step, a head bob, swinging of my arms, smiling with my eyes and oh boy I see my stroll ending ugly……with lots of tears, blood, screaming, and me all curled up in the fetal position shaking. I would hate to find others in the middle of a whistle/walk of mine gone bad.

And yes, in case you were wondering, this IS where my mind went when I heard people whistling and walking.

This has been Random Thoughts by Jenn


  1. WOW! At first I started reading this post and I was like, "Yeah, I wonder why as well."

    And, then I just got pulled in, especially when you said "enter MY mind..." You are TOTALLY right - a bounce in your step and the right song are crucial to make whistling worthwhile as a mood booster.

    Therein lies the reason I do not whistle while I walk - too much to decide. Along with the very good reason you mentioned that involved excessive spittle. In fact, I'm a pretty crappy whistler. But it does make me smile when I hear other people happily whistling - kind of like seeing old people hold hands in my mind....

  2. I think whistling is creepy. Especially the kind of whistling that is "shaky." You know what I mean?

  3. I am one of these curious whistle-while-I-walk people you speak of. Not always. I have noticed that it often is a subconscious manuever. At work, for example, I may walk from one side of the kitchen to the other, thereby passing the radio. If there is a song on, I will unknowingly pick up the song and begin to whistle along to it. This same act may also result in my starting to actually sing the song (I feel bad now for my coworkers). Even though I practice this act, I cannot explain the full reason.