Monday, March 16, 2009

What a Weekend!!!

So this weekend was my sisters 21st birthday! So first I think I owe my sister a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out on the blog. I hope you had a wonderful weekend, I know I did! I love you and am excited that we can finally go out and get a drink young pup. :)

Here are a few of my favorite things from this weekend:

- Our parents came into town, which was SO much fun!

- TONS of laughter over the weekend!

- PF Changs dinner Saturday.

- The Top 10 Reasons Why Turning 21 is AWESOME, list I made for her.

- The Nintendo cake I made for my sister and seeing HOW MUCH she loved it! (Side note: I had to RUSH after work to get this done in a limited amount of time because I had to finish it before K. got home from work. I think it is good, but it was really rushed. At least it is not bad enough to be on cake wrecks...or at least that is what I think.)

- Us trying to stay awake between dinner Saturday and going out for drinks with everyone at midnight. I am not as young as I use to be, and midnight is late!

- Drinks and snacks at BW3's...once we got there we woke up a bit :)

- Seeing my sister after one margarita...lets just say tequila should not be her drink of choice.

(Oh yes, she is HOT!)

- The VERY cute gloves and hat my mom crocheted for me and just chill’n and crocheting with my mom.

- Taking Monday off to hang out with my family a little longer before they had to leave.

- And finally, the practical joke my parents played on me. Here is the story. My birthday is next month so K & I both ordered custom shoes from for our birthdays. So Kristen opened hers and then Mom and Dad told me I could open mine. As I am NOT someone who turns down an early birthday gift I proceeded to tear into my gift. Now I knew what it was so I open the box and pull the shoes out of the bag and then my face goes from pure excitement to complete confusion. I look at the shoes and they were not anything like I ordered. I first say “These are not my shoes” in a high pitch squeal that would make a dog bark but of course trying not to sound ungrateful, just confused. At first I wasn’t sure if they had got me a second pair. I then look at the shoes closer and then of course see my parents loosing it and realize that these shoes were actually colored BY my parents. Yes, my parents went out and got a cheap $5 pair of white shoes and then colored on the shoes to make them “look” like the shoes I ordered. They even went so far as to misspell my name on the back of the shoes and spelled JEBB instead of JENN like I ordered on my converse. I have seriously not laughed THIS hard in a long time. It was such a great trick. See the shoes below, I know it may be hard to see which ones my parents created and which ones were real. And yes they finally did give me the real one. I love my parents SO much and now I can’t wait to come up with a way to get them back and trick them!! Oh, you better believe it, it is on!

Seriously, just a great weekend!!!


  1. don't worry that is definitely not Cake Wrecks material! Nice work!

  2. Awesome job on that cake! I'm way impressed! And it looks like you guys had a ton of fun. Wow, you're parents are INGENIOUS for pulling that trick on you, haha!

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! Love that your parents played a joke on you. That's great.

    Happy Belated 21st Birthday to your sister!

  4. You and your sister are so cute. For the record, those shoes your parents made? I totally would've worn them in elementary school, and thought I was cool like Punky Brewster or something.

  5. hysterical trick that the 'rents played on you... look how much time they took to color your granny shoes!!

  6. Cool cake! Takes me back to Super Mario Bros.
    We could go into business with our cakes eh? : )