Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just Thinking....

I haven't really had anything blog worthy to say the past week, but I have had a few random thoughts/stories, so I thought I would share.

- So this past Friday I met up with my mom in Columbus to spend some quality time together whilst my dad was in a conference. We went to the Nicci Debro Spa, the same Spa we went to for my mom’s 50th Birthday. (P.S. It is a great Spa, I highly recommend it.) When we arrived they asked if we had been there before because we looked really familiar and when we said yes they remembered it was for her birthday. However, I did feel a little concerned about them remembering us so quickly because I wondered if A) We were just THAT awesome that they talked about our pure awesomeness on a daily basis or B) We caused such a ruckus that they had nightmares about us and were a bit scared upon our return. I am thinking the latter as typically where ever my mom, sister and I go – chaos ensues.

- I created a test a couple weeks ago and I believe both my husband and sister failed, tremendously. I went to the restroom and the soap dispenser was empty. I thought to myself, well surly the person before KNEW they used the last of the soap and was just lazy and didn’t refill it. So as I was lazy and also didn’t feel like refilling the soap dispenser I thought I would create an experiment by putting the large, Costco sized bottle of soap out next to the soap dispenser to see if anyone refills it. Outcome: 2 weeks later and NO ONE has refilled the soap dispenser. I know people have used that bathroom, but I imagine they are just squeezing soap out of this tub-o-soap and see nothing wrong with the situation. That, or they are just not washing their hands. It is an interesting experimental observation and I would like to conduct more of these. Next on my list, seeing how high I can stack the dirty dishes in the sink before either they fall or someone washes them. Oh, and one of my favs, how long can we go with a burnt out light bulb in a major room in the house. (Currently, we are going on 5 days in the landing of the basement…who needs light as they walk down the stairs to the basement.) Of course many say, Jenn why don't YOU stop being lazy and do this stuff yourself. And I say to that, if I don't do this they will never learn people, they will never learn. What are they suppose to learn, not sure yet...but I am sure it is something very important.

- I am reading Russell Brands new Book, entitled “My Booky Wook: A Memoir of Sex, Drugs, and Stand-Up”. I know, *gasp* I am reading….a book! Crazy, huh?! Don’t get too excited, the book DOES contain a few pics as well. Anywho, I just started reading it and will write a review when I am done (4-6 months), but I would just like to say I really love this man....seriously. He recently did a special on Comedy Central (Russell Brand in New York). Hilarious. Watch it.

- I crocheted this scarf. I LOVE it! I picked out the colors and wanted something colorful but also a bit more earthy. Once mom and my sister pick out their favorite colors, I am going to make one for them as well. I know it is nearly summer and I am crocheting scarves, but I have a cold neck so it makes sense. And the best thing about this scarf, besides how cool it is, it is longer then I am tall! Brilliant. (My sister the beautiful model)

- A Little Caesars opened in BG. A $5 large pizza is da bomb and will be our dinner for tonight. Can't wait!

- After 5 hours in the car Friday I have determined I am actually a REALLY great singer....... In the car......... With the music turned up loud..........And the windows down. I am just say’n, I have some mad skillz.


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  2. WTF blogger comments just geeked out on me ... anyway ...

    That scarf is great! Awesome job! I don't crochet as much as I'd like to - I really enjoy it, but just don't take the time to do it. I have literally 12 patterns waiting to be made up.

    Your soap story CRACKED ME UP! You keep playing those tricks girl, they'll recognize soon enough! haha

  3. Oh...Little Caesar's is great! We do a $5 pizza w/ crazy bread usually once a week for dinner (ya know, on those nights when i dont' want to cook. oh wait...that's every night! ha)

  4. I'm glad you like the Booky Wook, I really want to buy it!!! I wasn't sure if he would be quite as funny if I couldn't hear his lovely accent, but maybe it will just have t play in my head instead.

  5. W.K.!!!!!!


    You are awesome. I love it.
    I hope your neck warms up real quick-like.

    Seriously. LOVE IT.

  6. I... I knew it was a test all along. Ha! Ha!... uhh... I'll go fill it when I get home.

    But as for the dishes, you're asking too much, lady! I'm only one person!

  7. I'm loving that scarf!! Seriously love it. Jealous...cuz I can't knit/crochet AT ALL. I am not that coordinated I guess. Damn it.