Monday, July 21, 2008

Really?!?! Come on, Really?!

I just saw this on MSNBC.

The newest Spa trend for the people who have too much money is that you can pay to have little tiny carp nibble your calloused feet during a particular pedicure.

Click Here for the story.

I really don't even know what to say. I guess I can go get a poop facial and then get my feet nibbled on by tiny little fish. Yep, that seems like a relaxing trip to the spa.
(insert eye roll with sigh)


  1. I'll just stick with the ped egg.

    Would this even do anyrhing noticeable??

  2. It is actually popular in Japan. They eat all the dead skin off your feet. Personally I hate fish and I can't stand them around me when I am in the ocean.

  3. The winners of one of the 'I Survived a Japanese Game Show' challenges got this special treatment a few weeks ago. It looked pretty gross to me!

  4. i saw this on Good Morning America this morning and thought "gosh all those people w/ ponds - and little fish that nibble on you while in the pond - must have nice feet".

    yes, that's how my mind works.

    i have to say: no fish will be nibbling on my toes. ever.

  5. What if they accidently introduce a baby pirahna with the crap? It'll bite off your toes.

    Yes, I overreact. Yes, that's the first thought that popped into my head. I'm weird.

  6. That is so gross.
    However, I would imagine that not too many people are feasting on carp these days. We need to find something to do with them.


  7. i just threw up in my mouth after reading what Two Pretzels wrote. the carp-nibbling and bird-poop facial are just insane. ugh.

  8. THAT IS SICK! I wanted to barf when I saw this.

  9. This is giving me the willies in my feet. You couldn't even pay me money on a gameshow to let them do this to me!!!

    I liked that Sad Panda called it "crap" mistakenly instead of "carp." That's what they are, a bunch of crap!

    I'd love to watch someone have this done though. They'd hear me yelling "Ooooh. Grooooossss." on and on all the way down the street.

  10. And again. How did someone find this was helpful? Like the people who swam in ponds had nice feet? How did they narrow it down to the carp? I'm baffled.