Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Talk To Me....

So I don't really know how we got on the topic, but during our drives home from work tonight Terry and I started a conversation about some of our favorite beverages from when we were younger.

The first thing that came to my head was the delicious New York Seltzer, Black Cherry flavor. So good. I use to drink this so much, it was truly my favorite drink. I hate that it is gone. I loved the cute little bottles it came in and when I was done I would peel the thicker Styrofoam wrapper off and shred it to strips. Oh how I miss you!

I then mentioned the Little Hugs Fruit Juices. Um, yum! They may actually still make these, but I had one maybe 5 years ago and they were not as good as I remembered. Probably not as much sugar or something. Anyways, it was always a fun treat to pull the little foil off my plastic barrel filled with juice and enjoy my orange drink!

Terry's favorite beverage was the Hi-C Ecto Cooler. He said he use to drink the shit out of that stuff!! According to T. this is the best Hi-C flavor they ever made.

So what was your favorite beverage from your childhood? Something you wish they would bring back, something you enjoy now as much as you did then or something that brings back childhood memories?


  1. My mom never bought stuff like this. (probably why neither my brother or I to this day care too much about sweet things).

    For a treat, once in a while, we got kool-aid.

    I just miss the Mr. Kool-Aid plastic cups that we had to drink them out of!

  2. I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT NEW YORK SELTZER!! that is awesome. and that Hi-C gremlin thing too.

  3. Ecto Cooler was totally my favorite! Amazing!!

    I loved Tang too, but my Mom would never buy it. We were a Kool-Aid family (but I loved that stuff too). We even had a Kool-Aid man pitcher!

  4. I miss Burple. Basically it was the packaging (the accordion thing) that sucked me in. If I could get my hands on one of those things, I think I'd use it now.

  5. I loved New York Seltzer! I loved raspberry. Aww, I miss it. I peeled the label too! And then I would stuff it inside the bottle.

    And those barrel drinks were always fun. But I feel like they always gave me mouth sores.

  6. Loved those NY seltzers. I haven't seen those in forever. I loved Faygo pop, mainly the red pop.
    Sadly I can't buy those down here in the bayou!

  7. oh my gosh...i had forgotten New York Seltzer Water. loved that stuff!!!!

    i also peeled the lable and stuffed it inside the bottle.

  8. I loved the Lil Hugs drinks you were talking about, but I loved blue (I don't know the flavor, just the color). And Capri Suns. They still make those obviously, but I haven't had one since high school, and I remember being 12 and loving those damn things.

  9. My mom didn't let us drink pop or anything. But whenever she wasn't around my friends and I would get JOLT. It was like a cola, but loaded with caffine!!!

    Also loved me some TANG!!

  10. We always had strawberry Kool-Aid complete with the Kool-Aid man pitcher and glasses - I think my mom still has that whole set. She would make it into home-made strawberry popsicles we would have as a pool snack. I need to get me some Kool-Aid and just enjoy a glass again. I haven't had it in forever.

    We didn't have much pop in our house or fruit drinks.

    I have never heard of New York Seltzer.

  11. This is SUCH a fun post!

    I Loved, loved, loved green 'Lil Hugs. How fun!

    And I believe I highly enjoyed ecto-cooler. :-) FUN!

    And I had completely forgotten about New York Seltzer, too! YAY! hahahaha.

    I HATED Tang. My Mom loves that stuff still.

    And Burple! HA! Loved that, too!

  12. We were a highly snack, sugar and junk food family. Therefore, I loved Kool-Aid. Tang. Capri Suns (I now buy the Capri Suns for my kids... passing on the love for sugar). I also loved Clearly Canadian.

  13. Oh my gosh I LOVED BURPLE TOO!!!!!