Monday, July 14, 2008

Talk To Me...

So do any of you use teeth whitening products?

I used the strips when they first came out. They were ok. I mean for having a semi-tasteless, jelly consistency, plastic strip in your mouth for 20 minutes. Blech! Plus I just have sensitive teeth and these just made my teeth more sensitive.

Since then I have tried whitening toothpaste, but frankly I just don’t like the taste and don’t think they leave my mouth as clean and fresh as say, Colgate total mint – yum!

So any suggestions on teeth whitening products?
I have a coffee addiction and I am starting to notice my teeth are, lets say, not as sparkling white as I would like them to be.


  1. Stop drinking coffee, you caffeine addicted crackhead!

    Since this is not an option, I know there are those strips that you only leave on for 5 minutes and apparently aren't as gelly as they used to be; the whitening product is on the strips, not the gel.

  2. I hate all this crap. It makes my teeth hurt and I have never notice a big difference. I even got some professional stuff from a dentist and it STILL didn't make a significant difference.

    I'm a hater.

  3. I've had my teeth professional whitened and STILL don't think my teeth are whitened.


    I've done the crest strips, and I did notice a slight difference when I did them faithfully.

    However, as Sad Panda says - you really have to cut out eating/drinking anything that would, and I quote my dentist, that would stain a white shirt: coffee, red wine, strawberries, etc.

    I know, how horrible is that?

  4. Iris - you should try Sensodyne toothpaste - it really has helped me in the past. And, you only have to use it for a month or so.

  5. Ok, I think I meant to say above, "I've had my teeth professionally whitened and I still don't believe they look any whiter than what they were before."

  6. The stuff they give at the dentist makes mine whiter. But also more sensitive. And the second I start with all my dark drinks (coffee, pop, etc.) they go back to stained again.

    I came upon Aquafresh Advanced with 2x whitening power. I only bought it because it was basically free at CVS. I wasn't even looking for it, but I noticed that my teeth are a bit whiter now. Still not 100% white. But much better!