Thursday, July 03, 2008

Find A Penny.....

Random but what are your thoughts about picking money up off the ground?

My husband picks up anything that even resembles money (I call him a coin whore b/c he is so into coins and he is always digging through my purse and car looking for coins). He collects old/rare coins so he is always picking up coins off the ground no matter what it is and studies it to see if it is valuable. I have seen him pick a coin out of the mud. Me on the other hand, well I don’t like touching coins that have been on the ground. I already think that money in general is disgusting (think of all the places it has been and all the people who touched it and what they have done with it - blech) and I just won’t make the effort to pick up loose change on the ground.

Now we start talking about bills….well then that is a totally different story!


  1. I won't pick up anything less than a quarter.

  2. I don't usually pick change up. Every once in awhile, I'll grab the occasional penny if I feel like I need some luck.

    However, my friend Sarah will not even TOUCH change. I've literally seen her tell the people at Taco Bell to keep the change. She doesn't want to touch. She doesn't want it in her pocket. It's strange, really.

    Sometime, remind me to tell you the p dollar story. It's not blog-appropriate, but I think you'll find it hilarious. (If I know you.)

  3. I use to freak out over picking money off the ground. But after working at a bank, you kinda get use to working all day with dirty money and it doesn't bother you so much.

  4. i don't usually pick up coins...just because they're gross. but i'm w/ two pretzels..if it's a quarter, i'll pick it up.

  5. I don't pick up coins, but my three year old does. When he finds a coin it makes his day and he puts it in his piggy bank. I just try not to think about the germs....

  6. i agree with TP - if it's a quarter or more, i'm fine with the germ-factor.