Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Afternoon Delight

Today I decided to take my lunch and the 30 minutes I have and just get out of the office. (I typically just stay at my desk) I don’t live close so where does one go that is close and where I won't be bothered…..well how about a hotel parking lot! Sure, why not?! Just me and those other people looking for a little weekday afternoon delight.

No phones. No people talking. No computer. No questions. No one walking in and out of the office. No drab surroundings. Basically NO interruptions at all. Just my music, fresh air, sun, and a chance to unwind. It was lovely.

Note to self – hang out at hotel parking lots for lunch more often.


  1. I'm going to get worried when you move from the parking lot to the bar. Should I start calling you Belle?

  2. My favorite spot to eat lunch is in my car, under the shade of a big tree, in a hotel parking lot! There's never anyone there!

  3. Your post headline made me smile. I immediately started singing Anchorman Ron Burgundy's song, "Sky rocket in flight...afternoon delight!"


    Good for you for making time for you.

  4. I can't wait for you to see some inappropriate behavior. I use to see 2 people meet up every day in meijer parking lot.