Monday, July 14, 2008

For You Two Pretzels

So K, I saw this in my Rachael Ray magazine and immediately thought of you! And as a lover of all kitchen gadgets I thought I would pass this along!

It is called Eiko, and it is an eggcup that you can hang on your pot to boil eggs in. Can’t say how well it works, but it looks like a great idea and way fun!

"EIKO is an ingenious solution for the perfect breakfast egg: Simply hang the egg cups containing the eggs over the edge of a pot of boiling water, use the colors to differentiate cooking times, remove the eggs by grasping the cool handle, run under cool water, and carry to the table where Eiko functions as an egg cup!"

Click here for the egg cups website.

I love all things kitchen!


  1. These things look sweet! I don't eat eggs much, but I think that would be perfect for someone like me who would only make a couple eggs at a time.

  2. This is cool! I also love gadgets! I bet your kitchen drawers are amazing.

  3. amazingly full!!!

    I will just say it now, Hi my name is Jenn and I am addicted to kitchen gadgets. It has been three days since I bought something for our kitchen.

  4. at first i thought it was some kind of new high heel! it struck me as very "Groove is in the Heart"-like.

  5. THAT IS GENIUS! I love that they're color-coded for cooking times. Truly, that's so fantastic.

  6. (Thank you for thinking of me.)