Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Talk To Me....

….About Laundry. More specifically, why am I getting white patches possibly from my detergent on my black pants?!?! grrrrr

So here is the deal, and I hope others know what I am talking about. I seem to get soap marks/residue or something left on my pants. Sometimes it isn’t bad and a damp cloth will easily take it off and sometimes, like this last wash, they are HORRIBLE. I have tried everything that I know of, so maybe I am just doing something wrong – b/c I see other people’s black pants and they don’t like mine. I wash in cold, I have tried washing them inside out, I have tried different soaps (I currently use a liquid concentrate soap), I have tried less soap, I have tried additional rinses, I air dry….but still there is always at least a little mark on my pants. And now my pants seem to be fading b/c of all the extra rinsing I do to get these marks off….and it is still not always coming off. I honestly don’t know what to do, do you know of something else to try?

I am so annoyed and seriously about one wash away from throwing these pants in the trash, which is unfortunate because I really don’t have money to be spending on clothes and frankly I don’t want to buy pants until I decrease the size of my current pants.

So help! Any suggestions to prevent this most annoying problem?!?!


  1. Woolite makes a laundry soap esp for dark/black clothes. I think it will help with fading as well.

  2. Oh this is awful.

    I think that Freckleface's suggestion of Woolite is something worth trying.

    Also, dare I say you need a new washer? I was going to tell you to switch to a liquid detergent, but since you're already using one...

    Hmmm... I hope you figure this out. How annoying.

    (If it were me, I'd fill in the black pants with a sharpie marker.)

  3. I was thinking the same thing as Two Pretzels. It sounds more like a washer defect, not a detergent one.

    Maybe run your washer on HOT for a cycle without any clothes in it. Maybe it just needs rinsed????

    Good Luck

  4. That would vex me for sure. I would go with the Woolite. Add it first and let the water run for a minute to dilute and THEN add the clothes. Worth a try.

  5. ok, good to know. I am going out to buy Woolite STAT!

    Thanks for the ideas....I will try ALL of them and let you know! Well except the new washer, though I too have thought we needed a new washer, I just don't want to admit that yet.

  6. I feel your pain. Not because I have THAT problem. But my water (my water softener isn't working) and making red marks all over my clothes. I had to throw out 2 shirts today and a few others are ruined. I am pissed!!!!!

    I've never had that trouble that you are talking about. Let us know what you find out. When I google issues like that, I usually find other people who are having the same problems with laundry.

  7. My name is Nadja and I'm a laundry moron.