Thursday, July 17, 2008

Photo Parade – Excitement

Dr. Turtle, Photo Parade.

Ok, one of the most exciting days in my life was when T & I got married! It was so perfect and exciting to know I was marrying the person I loved in front of some of my closest family and friends.

This picture was taken as I was walking up to see Terry for the first time on our wedding day. We actually choose to meet before the wedding, inside the church with no around. I loved doing that because we had a quiet, relaxing and special moment between just the two of us.

I had NO idea this picture was being taken, completely a candid shot. I was looking over at some friends and family on my way into the church completely excited to see Terry when I made this silly face. Though it is not the most “perfect” picture, every time I see this I seriously remember how I felt at that very moment and how as hard as I tried I really could not hid my excitement. This is one of my favs.

(you may have to click to make bigger, don't really know how to do that myself for the post)


  1. I remember this, you were so friggin excited!

  2. Such, such a beautiful bride. Really.

    Great hair, too.

    And super-cute face.

  3. Hee hee! Lovely.

    Good photo choice.

  4. OH! I love this!

    Your face says (to me) "Oh my gosh! We're here, today is the day! Can you believe it? AHHHH!"

    Very exciting!

  5. I LOOOVE THIS PIC OF YOU! so cute.