Friday, May 16, 2008

The Yoga Face

So one of the things I ordered from Amazon recently was a book called The Yoga Face. I saw it on Rachael Ray and decided to give it a try. Why, because I am a sucker.

The book claims to “Eliminate Wrinkles with the Ultimate Natural Facelift”. It is a series of facial exercises that you are suppose to do to workout the muscles in your face, thus tightening & firming the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines. Sounds good!

There are about 23 different poses/exercises for the face with focus on different areas, i.e. neck, forehead, mouth, cheeks, eyes, etc. However, the book also contains other things that may be useful. (Taken from the book) “It has full-body routines and posses that promote circulation and detoxify the skin; massage, breathing, and meditation techniques to help you relax and let your skin grow naturally; and tips on nutrition and natural beauty products.” It also seems to have advice on voice exercises, traditional yoga poses, and natural beauty products and supplements.

The book was $10 on Amazon. I did them for a few days and my face did feel like I had used the muscles there. Not necessarily sore, just like I spent the entire day at cedar point screaming, talking and laughing. Or like how my face felt after our wedding from all that smiling and talking.

Overall I think the yoga face poses are good, though maybe should be explained a bit more clearly and the book in general contains a lot of basic tips which are good for people who may have no knowledge or little knowledge when it comes to the things described above. I have not read the book all the way through, and if I do read it all the way through (which is a big step as I don’t enjoying reading) it will be scattered reading based on what I am interested in. So I really can not give a review on the entire book as a whole in regards to content. I will also let you know maybe in a month or so if I notice any difference. I am sure there are other facial exercise books that just focus purely on face exercises (I have seen one after I bought this one called facercise that gets good reviews...I may actually buy this one as well to try) but this book does have some really good health information. I also think she tried to put tons of info in a book and give general information about everything for all around health, not just for the face (a bit misleading at first). The actual facial exercise chapters do not even make up half of the book. However, this seems ideal for someone like me who really has little or no knowledge on anything in this book, not just the yoga face part.

For $10, I do think it is something fun to have in your collection if you are interested in this stuff, which the older I get the more I am. I was actually really interested in the massage techniques chapter! I will read that one to Terry before he goes to sleep at night!

I will also be posting a couple of the yoga face poses later today, just in case you want to give it a try at home!


  1. sounds VERY interesting....

  2. I'm sorry - I have to say this - when I look at the cover of that book, all I see is 'The O Face'.

  3. Instead of using photos in the book, could you please deminstrate them yourself....he he

  4. A. - seriously!!!

    haha, yes...I think that would be better Jill!

  5. Why do you have this book? You don't even have laugh lines. Or wrinkles. Or crow's feet. Or even damn forehead creases. I have forehead creases and I'm only 20! Are you trying to keep firm an already firm area?