Tuesday, May 06, 2008


So since I started my new job over 6 months ago I have had to work without any music.


You can use headphones but no music throughout the office. Well I have been unable to listen to XM online, most likely b/c my work computer is old and crappy. I would listen for a bit then it would freeze...and adios unsaved work.

So my sister (ah thank you k.) told me that if you sign up for a yahoo messenger account you can listen to the radio through that. And so I did, and I am happy to report I have had a few hours of music with no computer problems! yesssss!

Side note: I am a rock girl. Not really a fan of overly sappy pop music. But while I work I sometimes like softer music. So the very first song I listened today on my new yahoo radio - Richard Marx, Now and Forever! *sigh* I love him, adore him. I use to play his CD's all the time....there is just something about him. It is turning out to be a good day!


  1. Ah, you're welcome! I would recommend Pandora if you have the time to rate music. It really becomes an obsession though, so maybe it's not such a good idea!

  2. FYI...my fav is slacker.com. You don't have to rate songs, but you can design your own radio station with your favorite artists, and you can ban certain song, and mark others as your favorite.

    Also, this link might be fun, too:

    You can rate songs, and answer polls, and other activities that earn you points to get free stuff.

  3. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Iris got me into listening to music through Yahoo as well, I enjoy it!

  4. I tell ya what, the kids these days - they know EVERYTHING.

    d- I love that you like, "slacker.com". That cracks me up.

  5. I am a HUGE fan of launchcast. Love it! Work without music is torture.