Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I just found out that CBS cancelled the show Moonlight after just one season. grrrr If you didn't have a chance to see this show, too bad because I thought it was good. It was about a vampire who was a private investigator. (don't laugh it was good) It also brought a fresh and newer take on vampires and how they would be living today. And of course I always loves me vampire shows/movies!! (I have a thing)

Was it the best show out there, maybe not but it was good, really good and I thought well done and defiantly getting better and more exciting. I thought it was a good balance between a more light hearted crime drama and a sci-fi show. If you don't like sci-fi I still think you could like this show. I am seriously annoyed to see this show go. I really don't understand why sci-fi shows like this don't last. (anyone remember Firefly) It is entertaining and a break from all the dumb reality TV crap that is out. I mean the Bachelor, Survivor, and other reality shows like that have been on forever but a good show like Moonlight that has dedicated fans doesn't last.

Yep, I am pissed about this.


  1. Preach on sister. I think the show suffered because the first few episodes were a little cheesier and just not too great. But after the first couple of eps, it got great FAST. I love this show. I could not be more pissed about this!!! Stupid CBS.

  2. Dude... the guy that plays Mick St. John better get some new jobs because I will miss his gorgeous face.

    And the whole issue with sci-fi shows being canceled, I think stems from that most people don't even bother. It's a 'young' genre that needs a certain outlet of people to survive, and most people label it as 'geeky.' Apparently that is undesirable to the public.

  3. they canceled it??? oh man. that sucks. i did like it...although the premise was just a LITTLE too close to Angel (which is second only to Buffy as the BEST vampire show ever!).

    and don't even get me started on The Bachelor. Why is that show still on? it's so incredibly stupid and fake...