Monday, May 19, 2008

To Clean or Not To Clean...I'll Take the Latter.

So Terry had part of this weekend off so we both decided that we were going to spend a big chunk of the weekend spring-cleaning. We had intentions of purging a lot of our junk, wash everything in sight, bring out the carpet scrubber, do all the little projects from the past year that we have been waiting for warmer weather to do. We were determined to stop putting these projects off any longer. We have let cleaning go for far too long and thought this would be a great weekend. We told people this is what we were going to do and chances are we won’t see you…I guess as a form of motivation. We were as pumped as one can be to know their entire weekend was going to be used cleaning, but were excited to see the end result.

So did we get our cleaning accomplished…I’ll let you decide.

* Got out of bed at 12:30pm on Saturday
* We cleaned out the refrigerator & brought the clothes from the basement to the bedroom (though the clothes didn’t make it to the dresser, they are still in baskets)
* I did the dishes; Terry put a new shower curtain up.
* We took showers
* Decided we would “clean later” and instead wanted to go get lunch & see the Chronicles of Narnia at the theater. So we did.
* Played a competitive game of putt-putt after.
* Spent an hour at Wal-Mart
* Got home around 10pm, watched TV
* Got up around 10am on Sunday (T went to work for a few hours)
* I watched the movie Timeline, then watched the last half of Merlin, and started watching the Indian Jones marathon.
*T. came home around 3pm, we made lunch and watched the movie The Core (I don’t know what it was this weekend about wanting to watch random movies that were on TV, I think that shows how much we DIDN'T want to clean?!)
* We invited our friends over Sunday evening. We hung out and watched TV.

Yep, I think it was a good start on the cleaning, made some progress. ;) Baby steps I say! At this rate we will have our house completely cleaned just in time for us to do it again and procrastinate again next year. I am sure next weekend we will clean., yep NEXT weekend!

Does anyone else have a hard time starting their big spring cleaning?!?!


  1. Ha! That's awesome. If that's cleaning, I want to do some of that!


    I say you must clean with the spirit moves you, clearly - the spirit was more into just hanging out.

    You gotta go with it.

    Sounds like a nice weekend, though!

  2. I only deep-down clean when I get a burst of energy to do it, which is rarely. Because our house is on the market, we keep it picked up and organized, just not clean clean, (unless we have a showing or an open house, then we speed clean like banshees). My sister-in-law and I were having a conversation awhile back about how our mothers cleaned house. She told me that her mom's cleaning routine included getting on her hands and knees and wiping down ALL of the floor trim every single week. That's insane!! I'm lucky if my floors are clean once a week, let alone the trim!

  3. hahaha, why did you even bother to get out of bed? It's okay though, because I'm still living in suitcases. No reason to unpack; I'll be packing it all up again in a few (or six) weeks. I totally get it.

  4. yes, i have a hard time getting into the whole spring cleaning too. with 2 kids it's darn near impossible to clean - unless they are napping.

    however, we have accomplished a re-landscape of our backyard. but now i want to wash all the sheers on our windows, clean the windows, pull out all the furniture and sweep behind the couches....and organize all the "junk" we're selling in 2 weeks at our garage sale.

    i too need motivation!

  5. It's hard for me to get motivated to do any type of cleaning, let alone the thorough, vigorous kind.

    Kay, selling/showing a house is the worst! I was never very good at having it ready for scrutiny with just a moment's notice.