Thursday, May 22, 2008

Talk To Me....

So do you keep a fully stocked pantry?

Why do I say this, well maybe because I haven't gone to the grocery store in at least a week and a half and so we have nothing in our house to eat except some random things like cans of veggies & beans, cans of cream of something or another, some noodles, random stuff like that...but not a full meal. Which is fine for me, but my husband likes a complete meal...not a hodge podge of random things.

I am tired of going to the grocery store because I usually go a couple times a week since we don't plan things out and I just feel like I am always there (and I will not send Terry as I know he will easily spend $100 with at least half of that on junk food). Then what happens is like this week, we had some left overs from this weekend one day and ate out/ordered in the other three days this week. I would like to wake up in the morning and know that we have chicken in the freezer for dinner, or pasta and sauce in the pantry, or the basics for a full meal ready to go in the house at any given time. We just don't. (I know this should be an easy concept, it just isn't for me)

And where do you begin, what items are good to have? How much stuff do you have in your house at any given time? How frequently do you try keeping your kitchen stocked...twice a month, once a month, longer? Any tips? Do any of you do this, or do you just go shopping when you need things? I would imagine it is more cost effective to keep things stocked, rather than shopping as needed and most definitely cheaper then eating out all the time.

Click here for a list of things you are suppose to have in your kitchen. It is too long for me.


  1. Really? You're right; that list is way too long for my taste. Who has the time or money to keep a list like that stocked?

  2. I don't either. I want to, but to fully stock I think it would be EXPENSIVE!

  3. I LOVE going grocery shopping and so does Athena. I usually have the "fixins" to make a complete dinner at any time. I LOVE cooking and baking. Louis is the complete opposite of yours. I want to make a major dinner and he just wants to eat Ramen noodles.

  4. I would say I have most of the stuff on that list in my pantry at all times.

    We plan our meals ahead of time. I usually print out a calendar of the upcoming month and actually write in what we are having for dinner each night, including things like left-overs, etc. When I don't have as much time I make a list of meals that we have the stuff to make that way when I'm trying to figure out what to have for supper the next night I just have to look at that list and lay the chicken out to thaw, for instance.

    It works.

    (Yes, you can call me a freak.)

  5. Dri I wish I could be like that!! Maybe once we have kids we will start to be more organized and prepared with our menus. I have tried to plan out for a week or two, the problem is my husband will decide at the last minute that he wants something else and we will change it up. I do think maybe I will start keeping chicken and round turkey and our freezer, that might help!!

    Nadja I love to cook as well, but sometimes I would love for my husband to say, lets just have cereal or ramen noodles don't need to cook a big meal! oh the day!

  6. Anonymous2:45 PM

    If you are cooking the meals, tell your husband that he'll eat what you make him. If he wants something different, he can make it.

    My husband is greatful I make him dinner every night and if I decide I don't feel like cooking, we get take out. I love to cook and he happens to enjoy the benefits of this, but he never expects it. This isn't 1950, you don't have to cook your husband dinner and if/when you do, he should appreciate it and not expect a big meal every night.