Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Love....

That there is a Hobby Lobby opening in June in Bowling Green!!! And even better is that Hobby Lobby will be a mere half a mile or so from our house!! YAY!

I love crafts, and I love that there will be a craft store within walking distance from our house! Terry may not be too excited about this b/c of the amount of crafts that will soon emerge around the house. I have a tendency to start a bunch of crafts at one time and finish only a couple while the rest go in my "I will finish it later" craft box(es). Oh well.

Look out Hobby Lobby; I am about to become your favorite customer!


  1. Yeah! If there had been a Hobby Lobby in BG when I lived there, I probably would have dropped out of college. As it is, the one in T-town is doing a good job at breaking my bank.

    Have fun!

    (And if you ever want to have a craft party, look me up!)

  2. I'm very very excited! The more I think about it, the more I realize that I'll be able to do something useful with my time.

  3. So, I love Hobby Lobby for the crafts, the great sales, they have really beautiful things at great prices... especially when they have 50% off sales (like they always do on SOMETHING).

    Here's my thing: has anyone else noticed that the people there seem mean? Maybe it's just the one in F-town? My mom and I always joke that "for a Christian organization they sure are mean ladies."

    It is kinda cool that they are closed on Sundays so their "employees can have family time."

  4. huh, I have only ever been in one...I tend to go to Michaels in Perrysburg for craft items. So I am super excited about this opening!

    I am picking up an application for my sister to work there. So K. you are going to have to be a mean panda now ;)

  5. I haven't noticed them being mean, but I have noticed that the ones in T-town have a lack of knowledge. They can never help me find things or answer product questions. I also always get the same cashier who can't work the register. That is very frustrating.

  6. Hobby Lobby is dangerous. I could spend HOURS there...just in the scrapbook aisles.

    you're right a., the one in Toledo does not have the most knowledgable employees.

    but i do love their 50% off sales! :)

  7. Awesome! Within walking distance?! No way!