Friday, May 09, 2008


So last night I went into the episode of Scrubs thinking it was the Series Finale, not just the season finale. I know that before the writers strike and what not that they said this (the 7th season) would be the last. I hadn’t really heard much so I just thought this was going to be it and I was going to be sad….I LOVE Scrubs. So last night T&I watched the episode and I said, there is NO WAY this could be it.

So I did a little research this morning and there will in fact be an 8th season! (I guess yay for the writers strike) Click here for some answers on what is going on with Scrubs. You can also check out some blog posts on Zach Braff’s website. They are currently filming 18 episodes for the 8th season, but what they do not know yet and can not talk about is WHERE these shows will be? NBC would be stupid to get rid of this show, I hope they just mean moving it to another day….though I am a big fan of the Thursday line-up…sans ER.

So anyways I am very pumped and relieved that Scrubs WILL be back with a bunch more episodes for the 2008-2009 season! YAY!!!

So here is a fun clip from the Scrubs musical episode: A Little Friday Guy Love…hehehe


  1. I've read lots of rumors that it's moving to ABC.

  2. Is Zach Braff coming back as well?

    I also LOVE this show and would be beyond sad if it was no more.

  3. yeah, he said on his blog that he will be back...everyone will! YAY! (he makes the show)

    I don't know though if this will be the last year or not.

  4. Thank you so much doing that research. I love that show. I was worried that yesterday's episode was the last one, too. I was like, "Huh?"

  5. Where might I find this blog?

  6. N. it is hyperlinked in the post (the word website) or you can just go to!! I think he also posts it on his myspace blog...need to find that one!