Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut….

(…and sometimes you are a nut.)

So I had a bit of self-discovery last night. Something that I believe has truly changed me as a human being.

I like cashews! I know, it surprised me too.

Though I do enjoy peanuts and the occasional slivered or chocolate covered almond, I really have no interest in any of the other nuts out there. I don’t even want to give these nuts a chance; I refuse to even try to like them. Yes, I believe I have a bit nut intolerance.

I never was interested in cashews because, well, I don’t like the way they look and I don’t like their name. Cash-EW. Their name implies they will not be good. And cashew is also very close to the sound I make when I sneeze, so how can this nut be any good? I also had concerns about this nut because it is one of those nuts that may taste good, but it has a limited amount of anything else going for it. I mean you don’t put it in a pie, or make cookies with it, or make into a caramel candy delight – it is just a plain old cashew, what’s up with that?

I have to say though, after trying this nut I was pleasantly surprised, and dare I say wrong about the cashew. I moved pass my ideals of what makes a good nut and gave this nut a chance and I am glad I did. It was very enjoyable! For me to hate this nut all this time just because of how it looked, its name, without knowing anything about the nut, or my predetermined feelings of what this nut was all about was WAY wrong of me. So I have decided that I am going to put my idea of what makes a tasty nut aside and try to be more open to all the nuts out there. Well, except for pecans….those things look like a rotten piece of wood or something (ok, I need a little more work on being fair to ALL nuts.) Though I may still not be 100% convinced at this time that this nut is my favorite nut ever I cannot deny the admiration I have for its nutty goodness and I am sure over time I will learn to love this nut for its own unique qualities as well as it’s taste.

Thank you cashew – for opening my eyes and changing the way I feel about you. Maybe other people who are unsure about you will just give you a try and learn what I learned - that you are a good nut we can all learn to love.

(No I was not at all implying anything other then liking a cashew in this post.)


  1. Cashews are my favorite nuts. :-)

    You should give pistachios a try something. They're my second-favorite nut. :-)

  2. I don't like the fact that pistachios come in half opened shells. It seems as though the nut is too big for its shell...just seems weird to me. :)

  3. You are such a nut nazi.

    hahaha, you are hilarious. I'm glad that my love of nuts could open your eyes. Nuts opened my eyes years ago.

  4. Without the half-opened shells, you'd never get to the nut! They're impossible to break, let me tell you!

    What about a nice small handful of ready-to-eat pistachios? (You could pretend they were never in a shell!)