Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Reason # 268 Why I Love My Sister...

.....she still lets me play dress up with her!

Since Kristen has decided that school is FAR more important then blogging (as if) I decided to share a bonding moment we had together last week...plus I am sure you all miss her, so hope this helps :) She went out last Monday for 80's night and I got to dress her up. I am not ashamed to admit that I provided her with about 90% of her outfit straight from my closet, informed her what "pegging" your pants is, and did her hair and make-up...80's style! Like totally awesome! Here are some pictures. Yes, I made her pose for about 15 pictures.

Pegging & Jellies - heck yeah



    PS I love when you two post about why you love each other. It is so cute.

  2. So you decided to put up several of the pictures that I look the most ridiculous... hahaha, thanks!

    And those jellies killed my feet by the end of the night. I thought they were bleeding!

  3. um...I don't think these were the MOST ridiculous poses/faces you made!! :)

  4. So which one of you was the most bored before this took place?

    Poor K can't fully appreciate the fact that back then, if you DIDN'T look like this, you weren't cool.


  5. How foxy is she????? And your husband is a lucky man that you own this look and could do it up any time for him!

  6. Oh Ms. Bee you betcha! T. loves the 80's atire...he is also a fan of the leg warmers and headband look! And when I put aqua net in my hair - well watch out :)

    Mickey D....K kept asking, "is this how you REALLY dressed then?"

  7. OMG, these pictures bring back so many painful (fashion) memories.