Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Really HIMYM....You Couldn't Get Anyone Else? I Mean, Really.

So T & I just started watching How I Met Your Mother the end of last season. We actually really enjoy the show, and the fact that Terry enjoys it is saying something because he isn't typically a fan of shows like this. (Never liked Friends, Seinfeld, etc..)

So anywho, I have yet to tell him the news of who the latest guest (not-star) additions are to the show. Click Here. Kim Kardashian, Heidi Montag, and that small-minded asshole who thinks he is better then everyone else and thinks he is actually someone important... guy (I refuse to mention him by name on my blog). Yep, the show is bringing them on.


I mean, you are a cool show. I bet there are tons of cool people that would love to be on your show, and yet you went with those 3 people. I don't want to tell Terry, he may ban this show forever because of this!

The only redeeming quality with this episode is that the reason these 3 tools are on the show is because Marshall feels as though he can't poop at work (thus his magazine covers coming to life I guess). Poop is always funny. So maybe it will be funny because it is about poop, though I am thinking an episode about poop without these extra poopheads in it would be much better.

(I am really not a mean person, but come on!)


  1. I think it's very appropriate that those people will be associated with poop.

    Since I love "Mom" so much, I'm choosing to believe that they were chosen so they could laugh behind their backs and make fun of them.

    You're right though, they could have chosen people who aren't such irrelevant skeezy television whores.

  2. So they also got Kendra from the girls next door as well. Ok, with this line up I am also REALLY hoping that it is about making fun of these people!