Tuesday, November 11, 2008

bareMinerals – I Can Not Say NO To You Any Longer

So it has happened…I will soon be the owner of my own set of bareMinerals products. I have been persuaded to buy them…..of course this sweet deal also had a lot to do with it!

Click here for the special deal. (It said I saved over $145 when I checked out – um, awesome!)

Only 2 payments of $29.99(plus S&H)

Your bareMinerals Get Started Kit includes:
2 shades of bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation
Mineral Veil finishing powder
Warmth All-Over Face Color
Flawless Application Face Brush
Handy Buki Brush
Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush
In-depth How-To Guide that details every product and how to best apply your bareMinerals

4 FREE Special Bonus Gifts:
Limited edition refillable Mirror Compact with cover
bareMinerals Bisque for concealing imperfections
Precision Concealer Brush
Leslie's Get Started DVD

As a person who likes make-up but does not like the feel of things on my face or spending a lot of time putting make up on, I have been told by a very reliable source that this is for me! I can’t wait to try it…should be arriving in the next couple weeks!


  1. YAY! Welcome to the club. See, it is a club - it's kind of like a cult, but a good one.

    This is the BEST stuff in the world. Fo' Real.

    It takes no time at all,
    it looks like natural skin,
    no make-up lines,
    feels fabulous - like you're wearing nothing,
    stays on very well - even in high humidity,
    surprisingly great coverage,
    ummm....I could go on and on and on...


  2. How did you know what shade you are?

  3. Nevermind. I typed before I read. I hate when I do that!

    This was on my Christmas list. I shall send this link to Santa.

    I just hope all these peeps are right...

  4. mickey d, that was a decision I thought about for like 10 minutes! You would think it was the most important decision ever! :)

    I was deciding between the fair and light and went with the light. They had a little chart that helped me out. Also the fact that if I get it and it is not right you can return it within 60 days and get a new one for free!

    Sarah, I have to say for those reasons I am excited! I love that it is natural and light! can't wait

  5. Bottom line: you will LOVE it.

    Seriously, I will NEVER use anything EVER again.

  6. yes, it's awesome! i second all the emotions above.

  7. I might have to join the club after that testimonial.

    I did go on their website and could not for the LIFE OF ME decide if I have warm or cool undertones. How the hell do you know?

  8. iris...i found out my right shade at Sephora (at the mall). they sell it there and they'll show you how to use it, etc.

    i had a free coupon for a trial size. oddly, my face itched after they applied it. i haven't yet decided if i'm going to 'join the club'...i think it might irritate my skin.

  9. HMMMMM. Interesting. Ok, so, getting it at the mall is the way to go (if you can).

  10. But Iris - look at that sale online!! What is an itchy face with the wrong shade when you save that much money!! ;) heehee

  11. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Jenn - I got the starter kit for my b-day and like everyone else, I LOVE it! I'm sure you will too :-)
    - Jen Sauber

  12. My love for bareMinerals knows no bounds. You will never go back!