Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lists, Lists, & More Lists

So I think pretty much everyone knows my love for lists, but this time of year my list making reaches all-time highs and is crucial for me to function on a daily basis. Right about now (especially after the craziness of the past few months) my brain is just fried. I forget to do things like my laundry or buy food regularly, I forget where I put things, and I forget all I want to do over the course of a week or even a day! If I don’t have these lists it is like I can not function at all…..I just come home and things are a mental blur.

My current lists are as follows (these are not mental lists but actual physical lists I keep with me):

- A general list….this is an ongoing list that I add things to as I think of them and remove things as I complete them. It is sort of like a general reminder list that helps me move things to their appropriate lists.
- Christmas gift list. One stress this year is the lack of shopping we have done for people. I like to be done and wrapped by thanksgiving…ain’t happening this year. Currently this list consists of everyone’s names and a bunch of blank spaces next to them.
- Christmas card list. (if we have time this year – boo)
- Christmas party invite list.
- Christmas party menu & ingredient list.
- Christmas Eve and Christmas Day events…..this is currently just a brainstorming list.
- Christmas Cookie list & ingredient list.
- To do around the house before December 12, 2008, list.
- Bills to Pay list
- A list of all my lists, list (kidding)

I LOVE this time of year but I also try to not get caught up in the hullabaloo of the holidays and forget what this time of year is really about. These lists sound like a lot, but really do keep me sane.

What keeps you sane during the holidays?

Me: Lists, Hot Chocolate and Christmas music keep me sane (er).


  1. Definitely hot chocolate. A must on crazy days.

    I'm also not ashamed to admit that I do have a list of my lists.

  2. Hullabaloo = Awesomeness.

    That said, I think that hot chocolate and warm cookies keep me sane.