Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Um, That’s Not Really Small Talk…That’s Personal.

So I was reading Trophy Life’s life blog today and two of her posts reminded me about something that happened this weekend. Click here for her related posts.

The posts have to do with people (complete strangers) who just kind of say things that may be a little too much information. You know you have normal small talk and then there is not-so normal small talk!

So we were at Books-A-Million and were standing over in the coin section. OH, you are not familiar with where that is?! Well we are pretty familiar with it, it is over right next to the cash register! hehe :D

ANYWAYS, Terry is looking at his coin books and I am just people watching (a favorite thing of mine to do). This lady goes to the cashier and the following conversation proceeds:

Cashier: “Good Afternoon, How are you today?”
Lady: “Good, thank you. How about yourself?”
Cashier: “I’m ok. Well I actually have an ulcer I am fighting.”
Lady: (in a surprised but very kind way) “OH. Well that is terrible.”
Cashier: “Yeah, I am in pain. I can't really eat much and there are certain foods I can’t eat at the moment b/c they trigger the pain.” (proceeds to go through a list of foods. This lasts a good minute.) “So anyways, I am uncomfortable at the moment. Ready to go home.”
Lady: (as she takes her bag) “Well I hope you feel better.”
Cashier: “Yeah, I will try.”

I was cracking up in the corner of the bookstore. Even my husband managed to pull his nose out of the latest issue of Coin World to look over and listen to the awkward conversation. I mean it really makes you think….. why do these people think complete strangers are interested in someone’s personal business or why do they say the things they say (like in TL’s blog) to complete strangers?!?!


  1. I was at the bead store yesterday and the clerk there is extremely friendly, but way too chatty. I'm just there to buy jump rings and leave, but oh no, I now know the following info: she has three daughters and has 12 son-in-laws in the past five years. Her daughters have horrible track records for marriage. (and she says this almost as if she's proud of it!) and then I also now know that her youngest daughter is having marriage problems because her husband is cheating on her. And I now know that last Christmas, the clerk threatened to kill her middle child's spouse because he said something nasty to her. Great lady, thanks for all of the info! Sheesh!

  2. Wow, that is just ridiculous, Kay! On one hand, people who share too much information are annoying, but on the other hand, they give us something to talk about!

  3. A woman at a coffee shop told me she threw up some ham last night, thinks Dennis Rodman's lips look like pillows that she wants to kiss, and that I'm pretty...all in one run-on sentence.

  4. I think some people just NEED to tell the world their problems and issues. It is sad really. Sad for them and sad for those that have to listen politely while a huge line forms at Books-A-Million.

  5. wow! yep....these conversations are at a premium with cashiers in lines! :)

  6. Oh my gosh, that is so true. I think people have forgotten that small talk is just a way to be polite and pretend to care what the other person is thinking/feeling/doing today.

    Am I wrong?

  7. Exactly! When I small talk I really don't need a lengthy conversation involving personal aspects of their life. Nope, just being nice!

    Kay - that is funny! Someone has issues!

    Nadja - I do think those are fairly common small talk topics. Come on, I start most conversations talking about what I threw up the night before and pointing out different attributes on Dennis Rodman. Doesn't everyone?!?!