Friday, March 07, 2008

Way Cute!

I think these retro aprons are WAY cute! I really want to order one!

The website is bellapamella (Click here). They are $40.

I saw them in a magazine, and I just think they are totally cute! And as I do cook and enjoy cooking (yes I do dad - hehe) I think it would be cool to own an apron, though this may just be my special occasion apron to wear. Like I put it on before I serve dinner to look cute - I wouldn't want to get it dirty ;-)


  1. Those are really cute! I could see you wearing one, too. They are adorable but they would really fit your style.

    Do they come in his and hers?!

  2. Very cute! Perhaps they would inspire me to cook more, huh?...

  3. Too cute~! They're totally, "I Love Lucy" style!