Friday, March 28, 2008


Thanks to my Cool Dad (that is his actual name in our inner circle), T&I got some early pre-sale tickets to go see Iron Maiden at Blossom in Cleveland! HELL YEAH!

My dad tried to get in the Pit but those sold out really fast....but apparently you can buy two Pit tickets on ebay for $350! WHAT?!?!?! I do think it is ridiculous that there are people out there who don't even want to go but just want to make money and will buy up the pit tickets early.

I am glad we got them today, even though they are not up in the Pit they are still good seats and well at least we got tickets! I don't know how long they will last tomorrow morning for the general sale. So be ready at 10 am if you are getting tickets!

M. I did not post another scary Iron Maiden cover picture just for you!!!


  1. I am so excited for this show! I was listening to an interview done by Bruce Dinkinson while they were in Jersey a few weeks ago. It sounds like it's going to be great!

  2. Haha! I appreciate that.

  3. Nice! That will be a sweet show!

  4. OK. This has to be said...

    The 80s called. They want their band back.

    I'm sorry. So sorry

  5. W.K., ignore D's comment. I love that you're staying true to what you love.

    I'm SO pumped for you. :)

  6. *sticks tongue out at K*

  7. HA, Thanks K.!!

    Oh D., I don't think you fully understand the awesomeness that is just pure and fantastic metal matter how old these fellas may be! ;)