Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Just add it to my list of Pet Peeves.

So I have a new Pet Peeve to add to my already too long list.

We have a foot shuffler, a zombie walker, a static creator, a man with 100 pound feet in our office. I have to say that I just don’t understand this!

Every time he comes up to the part of the office I am in I hear him, shuffling away – LOUDLY, like he has just walked across the Sierra Desert and doesn’t have the will to walk one more step. Maybe his shoes weigh too much or are too big, maybe he is perpetually tired, maybe as my dad use to say….”You are just being lazy. Pick up your damn feet!” I shuffle as well at times, usually when I am very tired or have slippers on, but not every time I walk! UGH

When you are in a shared office your pet peeve lists grows. People eat too loud, walk too hard, type too hard, blow their nose too often, snap their gum loudly, talk too much, or some days just their presence is annoying. I know I fit on someone’s pet peeve list at times just like they can be on mine at times. It is what it is but I just had to vent.

Yeah, I know sound like a grumpy bitch….put it on your list.


  1. Trust me, I am hands down the bitchiest person on the entire planet. There is very little that doesn't get on my nerves. Pretty much Athena being the only thing. I think I need therapy to address how angry I get with annoying people. When my husband chomps ice daily, if I didn't have the self control that I do, I would jam each individual cube up his butt. I love him (and don't want to get arrested) so I deal.

  2. This had me laughing out loud. I completely and 100% understand.

    Completely. Shared space is tough.

    I feel as if you should say something to him, "What? You carrying 50 lb. dumb bells in your shoes? Sounds like it."