Thursday, March 13, 2008

Well they better be good.

So I just read that Producers are expected to announce soon that the final Harry Potter book will be divided into two movies. One to come out in Novemebr of 2010 and one in May of 2011.

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I have mixed feelings.

I think this could be good b/c one of my biggest grips about the last movie is that I thought they could have done more and put more "stuff" into the film. So as long as they make sure with this 7th book to include a good amount of information into the 2 movies and it doesn't feel like it is dragging, then I think it would be good. I am also glad they are filming the two movies together and we will not have to wait another year and a half for the second part of the movie.

You do wonder, is it one last ditch effort to get more money and create more hype. I mean you go to see the first half, you will see the second.

As long as they have the best interest of the content of the last book in mind and do that last book justice, I will be happy!


  1. My friends and I had a good 30+ minute conversation about this last night. I think that this is a good decision.

    One, here are the choices: make it one movie and then cut out so much stuff in order to get all the Horcruxes in and everything. Which is just one storyline. There's a lot more that could and should be included. Or make it two movies, include some background, silly plot details to make it more enjoyable. I think that if breaking it into two movies will make it truer to the book, then I like it.

    I agree, I was worried that this would be a money ploy, but the producers came out and said this wasn't about money. They said that in order to follow Jo's (J.K. Rowling, the author) vision, they would need more than 2.5 hours. So why not make it two 2.5 hours?

    Plus I feel like they'll be able to include some of the better details. Such as Dobby's death. Dobby's death is huge and important in the storyline (Jo even said she cried after writing this part!). I would be worried that if it was only one movie, things that are important or meaningful to the storyline would get cut because they aren't part of the Quest for Horcruxes, the final battle with Voldemort, and the last chapter. That right there is probably about two hours alone.

  2. I really, really hope that they put in every single little interesting detail this way. I'm beyond excited. Plus, it makes it so I have at least one more thing to look forward to before Harry Potter is gone forever.

  3. I just calculated it. If in fact the second installment of the final film is released in May 2011, I would have spent over ten years on these films. I was 13 when I saw the first movie, and I will be 23 when the last one is done.

    Wow, ten years of reading as many HP articles I can find. Ten years of obsession.