Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Ying to My Yang #124

In this edition of “The Ying to my Yang” I would like to talk about how Terry and I are different when it comes to taking a day off for our birthday.

Terry’s Day Off:
- Wake up late
- Do laundry
- Vacuum the downstairs
- Straighten up the living room
- Clean the kitchen
- Clean out the refrigerator
- Take out the trash
- Put up our Halloween decorations
- Buy steak and grill it

Jenn’s Day Off:
- Wake up late
- Go to the Spa and get a facial
- Lay on the couch and watch a movie
- Go OUT to dinner

Hmmmmm, it seems to me someone doesn’t have their priorities straight when it comes to taking a day off…..and it is not me. Oh well – I came home to a clean house and a great meal! T. should take more days off to “celebrate” his birthday!


  1. hahahaha! I was really impressed with the state of the house when I came home last night.

    And aren't you technically the Ying to his Yang? You don't have a Yang... right?

  2. Ah, the differences between men and women...

    I would have chosen your birthday day HANDS DOWN over T.'s. :-)

    What?! Make my own dinner on my birthday? RIGHT.

  3. Yeah, your day best represents my ideal birthday.