Friday, October 17, 2008

Observation of The Day: I Am Not Very Observant

I am not always the most observant person…case in point. (p.s. I have had my blog since 2006)

I just, yes JUST, realized that you can check a little box when you leave a comment and it will email you follow-up comments. OH, what a handy little feature that is located directly on the comment page plain as day. This is better then me going back to a post a half a dozen times to read others comments.

I also, JUST realized this week that when you sign up to “follow” another blogger that it leaves their current posts on your dashboard. You know the dashboard, where I go every time I sign in to my blog. Yep, didn’t know that one either. I was wondering what exactly it meant to “follow” and I guess now I know.

So is there anything else I may be missing? Blogging tricks or tips that I am obviously not paying attention to? Maybe I should just go ask a 14 year old, I am sure they could hook me up on how to use this technology crap.

I really need to learn how to pay better attention to things.


  1. Am I missing it? I don't see where you can sign up to get comments emailed. I've looked ALL OVER!

  2. Ah, there it is. After you've signed in.


  3. That is one of my favorite features of the blog, the comments emailed to you. Love it!

  4. WHA?! Those are some pretty sweet features that I too didn't know existed. Ha!