Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Talk To Me....

So I do not know what the proper etiquette is for this, so please share your thoughts.

What is the etiquette for holding a baby shower for the second child?

Now I understand that each child is special and should be celebrated....but do you hold a large shower for each kid you have? Does it make a difference if one is a boy and one is a girl? Does it make a difference depending on how far apart the births are? Should you just do whatever the hell you want?

I am interested in your thoughts as I just got an invitation for someone's second shower and I got a little annoyed with this and maybe I am overreacting. As a side-note: When my friends/family have kids I get them gifts...whether it is for their first child or tenth. It isn't about the gifts as I LOVE giving baby gifts, I am talking specifically about holding another baby shower.


  1. My personal opinion is that you get ONE baby shower...for the FIRST child.

    Now, that being said...if you were to have a second child with a different father - then his family could definitely give you a shower, but I don't think it's really proper to re-invite the people that attended your first one.

    And maybe, if the babies are years and years apart - like more than 10 or something - it might be okay too. But who knows where you really draw that line.

  2. I have been told to always consult Emily Post when I don't know (and I never do). From her website:

    Q. Is it proper to give a baby shower for a second baby? Some say that baby showers should only be given for the first born.

    A. It is all right to have a baby shower for a second or third baby, as long as the guest list is comprised of guests who did not attend a shower for the first (and/or second) baby, with the exception of close friends and family members who would be upset not to be there.

  3. we gave my sister a 2nd, MUCH smaller, baby shower for her 2nd baby...only because it was a boy and her first was a girl. this time though we had it at my mom's house and there were no games, etc. just food and gifts. i think that's the only time it's appropriate really. unless it's a 2nd marriage, 1st baby for that marriage type thing. then it might be OK too.

  4. Yeah, what they said.