Tuesday, October 28, 2008

National Chocolate Day!

Of course this is one of a few National Chocolate Days each year….chocolate lovers need a bunch of these! Click here for the history of chocolate.

In honor, here are some chocolate-ish related questions:

1. Favorite kind of chocolate? White, milk or dark?

2. Favorite chocolate candy bar?

3. Hot chocolate, yes or no?

4. Favorite truffle filling?

5. Favorite chocolate covered fruit?

6. Do you crave chocolate, salt, both or neither?

7. If you had to choose which would you pick? Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting; chocolate cake with white frosting; white cake with chocolate frosting.

8. Favorite “chocolate covered” items?

9. Do you like Nuts in your chocolate?

10. Finish this sentence: I eat chocolate ____________.


  1. 1. Milk Chocolate

    2. Snickers

    3. YES, Made with milk & with marshmallows of course.

    4. Either chocolate fudge or caramel

    5. Strawberries, these are my favorite!

    6. I actually am more of a salt craver then chocolate. But I like to have a piece of chocolate once a week.

    7. White cake with chocolate frosting

    8. Pretzels & strawberries! Yum

    9. Almonds and peanuts – yes.

    10. I eat chocolate during “shark week”. hehe

  2. Bitch-ass-chocolate gives me migraines.

  3. 1). dark chocolate
    2). snickers
    3). yes, love hot chocolate
    4). any truffle filling is fine by me
    5). chocolate covered strawberry
    6). i crave both chocolate and salty things
    7). chocolate cake with chocolate icing
    8). chocolate covered chocolate, of course
    9). yes, nuts in chocolate are fine
    10). i eat chocolate whenever i can get my hands on it

  4. 1. Milk
    2. Snickers with almonds
    3. H*lls yes - with raspberry syrup and whipped cream
    4. Raspberry
    5. Strawberry
    6. Chocolate (although since I've been pregnant, I've been more of a salt girl)
    7. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (no question)
    8. Pretzels
    9. Yes
    10. every day (and I'm not embarrassed about it)

    On a side note: I ordered some Fairytales Brownies last week. I've given them as gifts before, but could never bring myself to pay that much for brownies for myself. I have to say they are delicious. I think a good baker and a good recipe would get you similar results at home, though.

  5. 1. milk and dark
    2. snickers, kit kat and reese's peanut butter cups (sorry i can't pick just one)
    3. yes w/ xtra marshmallows
    4. hazelnut
    5. raisins
    6. both
    7. chocolate cake w/ chocolate frosting
    8. raisins, nuts, pretzels
    9. yes
    10. I eat chocolate whenever I can.

  6. 1. White chocolate.
    2. Nestle's crunch.
    3. Hot chocolate = totally.
    4. White chocolate mousse.
    5. Raisins.
    6. Hmm, I crave salt more than chocolate.
    7. I don't like any of those choices. I like yellow cake with chocolate frosting.
    8. Raisins or peanuts.
    9. Yes.
    10. I eat chocolate on occasion. I have never craved it.

  7. 1. Milk chocolate

    2. Probably KitKat

    3. Hot chocolate: of course! Made with milk.

    4. I don't eat truffles (don't know why), but I'm going to say probably caramel.

    5. Strawberries

    6. Rarely do I crave either, but more often than not it's salt (I love pretzels and tortilla chips).

    7. I would pick vanilla cake with chocolate icing.

    8. Pretzels!

    9. Nope, I don't.

    10. I eat chocolate because I can, biotch!