Monday, October 20, 2008

Another Fun Weekend.

So this weekend was the final "event" in my mom's big 50th birthday celebration month!!

This weekend we went back home for an Open House with our family and friends. It was fantastic! Nothing is better then hanging out with your family & friends, laughing, reminiscing and eating some kick ass cake! We also headed out to Amish country and got some great Amish goodies!!

Here are just a couple pics:

This is my BEAUTIFUL mom at her party standing next to her cake. (Her cake said 50 and Fabulous...because she is!) Also our scrapbook that we made for her.

This is my totally adorable "niece". She is my cousins daughter and just the cutest / smartest kid ever!! Meet Macey Jo

Hey Iris - here are some more vanity plates we saw on our trip home.
(Side note....I guess the bad economy is not stopping the sales of vanity plates....I swear everyone is getting a vanity plate these days.)


  1. I said it this past weekend, but I still think it's true: it does not get any cuter than Macey Jo.

    Also, "EPCTAIL." Epic Tail. Someone's a little arrogant about their sexual abilities...

  2. Oh no you didn't make a comment about epic tail on a post about your lovely mother!

    But you did. And it was hilarious!

    I love it when birthday celebrations last for weeks past the actual birthday.

    50 and Fabulous for sure!

  3. Is your mom Sally Jo and your niece Macey Jo? That is very cute.

    Thanks for the plates! HLY SPRT is amazing.