Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Um.....Something Seems to be Missing?!?!

(Sorry for the camera phone picture.)

I don't know if you can tell, but our fake "decorative" shutters on our house seem to have gone missing.

Now we live in a condo that is a duplex style house. So of course, anything the Condo Association wants to do on the outside of the house they we do not own the outside. But never-the-less I was a bit surprised to see them gone when we came home. There was no voicemail, no person, not even a ransom note telling us what happened to our shutters. Nope, nothing...they are just gone leaving an ugly empty space where they use to be! And no one else on our street has their shutters missing.

So I am hoping that they are getting repainted and will be back on our house soon, b/c well frankly it just looks ugly without them! T & I just had to laugh though, I mean I know we live in a condo, but just taking parts of our house without even tell us. Did they think we wouldn't notice?!?!

Oh the joys of living in a condo!!! :)


  1. Ha! Maybe those ARE the shutters, just painted a dirty, khaki color. Look again.

  2. hahaha, I think you've been burgled. But Belle probably went ape-shit and scared them off.

  3. I will never ever ever miss having a condo association. When I lived in one they came and took ALL of the landscaping. (???) Sometimes I think they do mean things because they can.

  4. HA, yes is the latest trend, you should try it!!!

    Yeah, some of the rules and things they do you just go...really? It is a bunch of older people but us young folks are starting to slowly take over! Things are going to change over there bitches!! First thing, not taking people shutters from their houses!

  5. Oh no!!! Can they do that?! That's crazy!

  6. I have a condo as well, and we got direct tv, which requires some drilling in the side of the place. We didn't know you couldn't do that, so they have given us 2 months to take it down, but we signed a 1 year contract with direct tv, so I think that we are going to have to agree to disagree.