Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What is your Flavor?

So a couple weekends ago my mom and sister found a “new” flavor to us of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream to try. We ended up forgetting about it until this weekend when T & I were looking for a sweet treat. I have to say that I may have found my new favorite ice cream.

The flavor: Oatmeal Cookie Chunk!!! It is “Sweet Cream Cinnamon Ice Cream with Chunks of Oatmeal Cookies & Fudge”…YUM! As someone who enjoys chocolate but doesn’t care for chocolate overload…..this has the perfect amount. And the cookie chunks….so good!

I have never seen this before, though it has been around for a few years. We found it at a little market in BG, but apparently they also sell it at Giant Eagle. (You can locate at what store your favorite flavors are at by clicking here.)

I do have to give a shout out to the previous favorite flavor….Half Baked Frozen Yogurt: Chocolate & Vanilla Frozen Yogurt with Fudge Brownies & Gobs of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Still very delicous!

So what is your favorite flavor/s of Ben & Jerry’s?


  1. I'm glad that it was good! My favorite flavor of Ben and Jerry's is Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies. It's chunks of chocolate brownie in vanilla ice cream with raspberry swirl. Mmmmm, it's so good but it's ridiculously difficult to find. I hope they didn't discontinue it or else I may have to steal some of yours!

  2. i like the oatmeal cookie flavor too. but my all time favorite is Chubby Hubby. it's the one w/ the peanut butter filled pretzels.

  3. There was a girl at my old job who would kill for the oatmeal cookie flavor. S.H. is a HUGE fan too.

    I like Cherry Garcia myself.

  4. I'm a fan of Chunky Monkey and Chubby Hubby. But I LOVE Pistachio Pistachio and Turtle Soup!

  5. wow - this sounds really interesting (i'm glad they deviated and added some chocolate, as regular oatmeal cookie would not have choco.)
    i've never chosen a ben and jerry's favorite, but i like your option b. favorite - sounds up my alley.

  6. Cookie Dough is still my favorite.