Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Love....

Dove's Creamy Cream Oil Body Wash

I have been using Dove’s Creamy Cream Oil Body Wash for just a few days now but I already love it!

My skin feels more moisturized than it did with my other body washes and I just love how it is helping my dry skin.

I bought Cherry Blossom & Almond Scent – FANTASTIC!

I think I am also going to try the Cream Oil Intensive Hand Cream and see how that works since this product works so well.


  1. I'm glad that it works really well. Especially with the cherry blossom scent, yum!

  2. Dove does have great products and great marketing. I will try this!

  3. I've used this every morning this winter! I love it! I have horribly dry skin in the winter and this really helps!