Monday, February 04, 2008


So I don’t typically recap on sporting events (and this long post is probably why), but last night as I watched the Super Bowl I started taking notes about some things. Here are a few of my thoughts. I am not a hater, I just have my opinions.

- We turned on the Pre-Game show and saw Ryan Seacrest, a red carpet, awkward questions and uncomfortable guests. WTF? Since when has the Super Bowl had a red carpet?!?!?! Is Hollywood that bored with the writers strike that now they have to do stuff with the Super Bowl? The whole thing seemed out of place, Ryan S. seemed out of place.

-Ok, I think it was great that they wanted to recognize the Troupes and send a message to them, but I think they could have done something a little less cheesy. Mimicking the signing of the Declaration – really? That just didn’t make sense and seemed to be a bit much. (Well a bit much seemed to be the theme of the Super Bowl.) I just think you can do stuff that is more sincere & heartfelt without all the extra fluff.

- I think the Super Bowl takes too long to get started, has too many extras, too many graphics, too much talking and not enough football.

- So we have a Pre-Game Show & A Pre-Kick Show. Really? What is the difference?

- Jordan Sparks looked like she was about to PUKE before she lip-synched the National Anthem. Her pre-recording sounded great, but I would have much rather heard her try it live.

- Football on HDTV=AWESOME!!!!

- I truly hate games played in Domes. I think it is unnatural. I like games played in the weather…games that have mud, grass, snow, rain, cold temperatures…..THAT is Football.

- I love watching the Super Bowl with my family! Lots of laughs, good food, and just good old family fun!!

- Tom Petty ROCKS! I thought he was awesome! (What I didn’t like were the 20 year olds dancing sexy for the camera….Do you even know who Tom Petty is?!?! His music isn’t meant for that! You just looked stupid!!)

- The dramatic montage button was pushed a few too many times.

- Bill B. ......Stay with your team. Don’t leave the field like a baby! Stay there till the end of the game like a COACH and walk off with your team when the game is over. You still had a great season, NY just gave more this game. (This is why the Browns didn’t want you.)

- YAY for New York!! Very good job and great game!

- Commercials were OK. There were some funny ones, but not the best.

I am not being negative…ok maybe a bit but here is the thing. I really do love football but I don’t like all the extra BS that comes with it. It is too much. Yes, hype is good, celebrating is good, recapping is good, dramatic montages are ok, but in moderation. It is a combination of everything that seems a bit much and is like stimulation overload when I watch the game and frankly I just want to watch football. If you peel away all the extra BS that came with it....I really enjoyed it!!! But come on, try turning it down a bit.

So what are your thoughts on the game/the day? Am I being too negative, too hard? Agree/Disagree?


  1. I agree - too much hype, not enough football. Stupid Bill B. Stupid Jeremy Shockey too. Drinking beer in a box? Get on the field with your teammates, you a**. Wait til you see Tom Petty in concert - it's surreal how many 20-year-olds go to see him. It really made me feel old.

  2. I was unaware of all of that pre-show junk. A red carpet? Huh?

    We just stuck to the game, halftime and commercials. Oh, and MD caught some of the Puppy Bowl that was on Animal Planet :)

    Do you think Tom Petty and his Heartbreakers are sick to death of playing those songs? They've been around for so long! Still a good performance but I'm sure they've written other songs since Free Fallin' that they're dying to play.

  3. We saw part of the Puppy Bowl too!!! So cute! Though that was on 3 hours, 15 minutes was good for us! haha

    Yeah, there was TOTALLY a red carpet - so stupid.

    That is why I can't wait for the hear what else he plays. I think at the half-time show those were the songs people wanted to hear. I don't know if he would get sick of singing that stuff...that is what made him his money/fame so how sick of it could you get?!?! I heard he is getting together with some other people that he worked with a long time ago and putting new stuff out...maybe this summer! COOL!

    A. grrrr....that would be annoying to have those young girls around!

  4. Okay, here's my idea with those 20 year-old girls dancing all skanky during the halftime show.

    I bet you anything that those people looked up a handful of Tom Petty songs, learned the lyrics to the chorus, and called it a night. I'm not saying that all of them weren't really into Tom Petty because I'll be a 20 year old going to see him in a few months.

    However, I know that a true fan would have their hands in the air, singing the words the whole time and, most noticeably, LOOKING AT TOM PETTY DURING THE SONG. Those girls were staring at the camera and dancing. If they really liked Tom Petty, they would have been looking at him.

    That's all there is, really.

  5. I agree with pretty much everything you said. Way too much hype. And, in my opinion, it never quite lives up to it.