Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Family Thing

So for those who don’t know I don’t like pie. I will eat an occasional slice of Key Lime or Oreo Pie, but I do not like fruit pies, meringue pies, or pies that have custard. YUCK.

However, my husband loves pie and my mom has a secret family recipe that she wants to pass on to my sister and I - so I thought…well I guess this is as good a time as ever to learn how to make pie.

I would first like to say that even though I own A LOT of cooking stuff, pie pans and a pie server are not to be found in my house. I thought I owned a pie pan but it turns out it was an 8” cake pan – oops. So the pie we made ended up being a deep-dish pie.

Making a pie takes awhile. We made it from scratch! It was fun, but I think I would get bored if I had to do it alone and I didn’t have someone to be there with me to at least keep me entertained. My mom and I had fun – lots of laughs!

The pie smelled REALLY good (I have never not liked the smell of baked goods). And according to my family it tasted good too. I did try one bite and the verdict – good flavor but still don’t like pie. I think it is a consistency thing or something.

Anywho, this is a big step for me! I am going to try a different pie every couple months. I think next will be cherry. If people like it and it makes them happy, then I will keep making it! And I do have to say there is something kinda refreshing & traditional about baking a pie. The house smelled good, it was nice to spend time with my mom in the kitchen, and pies just are a symbol of family & comfort.

What is your favorite type of pie?


  1. Cherry is my all-time favorite. My mom used to make me a cherry pie for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

    I also like warm apple pie with walnuts and a side of vanilla ice cream.

  2. You made some amazing pie! Even though I swore by it when I was younger, I am so over cherry pie. I'm above it!

    I think my new favorite would have to be apple. Or Waffle House's chocolate cream pie, which I swear has crack in it somewhere. It's crack pie, baby!

  3. I like coconut cream, key lime, banana cream...those creamy ones. I'm not super crazy about fruity ones either, though strawberry-rhubarb is pretty fantastic!

  4. I'm not a big fan of pie, though I'll eat it if it's in front of me and I have no other dessert options. If I had to pick a pie to eat it would definitely be key lime pie.

    For Christmas my cousin made this pumpkin pie/cheesecake hybrid that kicked some MAJOR ass.

  5. homemade blueberry pie. but it has to be made with wild blueberries...the kind you find in northern michigan. they're really small and so good.

    i also like homemade apple pie.

    oh, and pecan. and pumpkin. and key lime.

    hmmm..guess i like pie.

    a good place for pie in t-town? Al Smith's on Secor. all homemade.