Tuesday, February 19, 2008

In Our Thoughts Today

If you have a few extra thoughts to send to my Grandma today, please do.

Today she is under going triple bypass heart surgery.

Update: Grammy made it through the surgery and is currently in recovery. She also had a quadruple instead of a triple.
Thank you for the thoughts!

WE LOVE YOU GRAMMY!!! You are a tough bird!!!


  1. Oh goodness. I'll definitely keep her in my thoughts today. And you too:)

  2. I will be thinking about your family all day. My grandfather in law just had a quintuple bypass and was up and walking around in just a couple days, so I'm sure she'll be feeling much better. He has SO much more energy now!

  3. For my Springboard class, the teacher makes us go around the room and do Best and Worst of the week. I said that my worst was that she was getting surgery, and I said and I quote, "But she's a tough bird." Yeah... we're sisters.

  4. i am very happy that Grammy is ok. On a related note, i have another friend whose Grammy is in the hospital too. Funny, the nicknames we come up with for your elders.

  5. Thank you

    Yes, she has always been our Grammy....it is weird when I call her Grandma!!!

    I am sure she will love to have that extra energy...we won't be able to stop her!!!

  6. Ohmygoodness. I'm so glad that everything worked out well.

    HUG to you.

    Please, keep us posted.
    (Sorry I missed this yesterday.)

  7. Glad to hear she is on the mend!

    Go Grammy!