Friday, February 01, 2008

"I Won't Back Down" from seeing Tom Petty!

(This video has a one Mr. Johnny Depp in it - BONUS!)

I am pumped, my parents got tickets to go see Tom Petty at Blossom in June!!


I am SO excited! He is just one of those people I would like to see at least once in my life!
I think this will be way fun!

Don't forget to watch Tom Petty this weekend at the Superbowl!!!

Thanks again M&D! YAY for presale tickets!


  1. A and I saw him play live in MI it was very sweet. Stevie Nicks came out and sang with him too it was a great surprise.

  2. When B. and I saw him two summers ago, he was saying that was going to be his last major tour. I am pumped that's he's coming back around. It was a great, great show.

    We're going to try to get tickets for the Auburn Hills show. I have my fingers crossed!