Monday, January 07, 2008

Don't mess with these mad skillz!

So this weekend I played me some Skii ball (From Game Party) on my Wii and I just needed to brag about my high score!

So the total you can get on skii ball is 900, well your truly got a score of.....


Can you believe it?!?! That means I made the ball into the 100 point hole 8 times and missed once thus giving me 10pts. I am working on a perfectly unbeatable score of 900!

Of course some may think this only means I have been spending too much time playing Wii and I should instead be doing something more productive with my time. To those people I just say you are jealous of these skillz!!

(Please note, I am not arrogant...just kidding and proud of my score!!! haha)


  1. I am totally jealous! I can't master Skii Ball, but I was pretty good at the game where you have to put the ball in the valley of the ramp on Carnival Games.

    Please tell me you know what game I'm talking about.

  2. HOW fun! C. and I were just talking, wii need one of these wii things.

  3. K. you HAVE to get one! They really are so much fun!!

    A. I don't know which game you are talking about but T & I haven't played the Carnival game yet. But I think we are going to be getting it soon!