Thursday, January 24, 2008

Have you heard?


Congressional leaders announced a deal with the White House Thursday on an economic stimulus package that would give most tax filers refunds of $600 to $1,200, and more if they have children. This is being done to promote spending and "boost the economy" as we are on the verge (or already in) a recession. Payments could be going out in May with most people receiving them by July. The other part are tax breaks to businesses.

So what are your thoughts? Do you agree? Did they hash this out too quickly? Is this going to help our economy? What about adding spending later on?


  1. i don't think it's going to help much. i know that we've already decided to put ours into savings. i wonder how many people are actually going to spend it

  2. I think people will spend this 'break" on what they typically spend extra tax money on...big tv's, love-seats, or other junk. Or, better yet, it will go to our gargantuan energy bills or gas bills. If the government wanted to boost the economy, they would focus on pulling out of Iraq...saving billions each month. Tell Terry Mike from third street in BG says hello. He was my favorite holiday chef.

  3. I don't think it's going to be the magic fix to everything. But they're trying at least, I guess. What are you going to do with your money? We'll probably just put it toward the house.

  4. I agree. There are additional ways to help save money....this shouldn't be the only "solution". Though I am not complaining or turning down any sum of money, this isn't going to be what fixs our economy.

    They are hoping that a majority of that money will go straight back into the hands of businesses from people spending it. Ours is going straight to savings!


    Hi! I will tell Terry you said hello! yes, Thanksgiving Fiesta....Terry still makes one hell of a thanksgiving turkey!!!

  5. We will probably spend our money on paying a bill. Either credit card or school loan. I don't think that would really help the economy, since it is just shrinking the amount of interest a company makes on us

  6. I can tell you that mine will be going into savings or toward a new house.

    I'm sure there will be some spenders out there - but there are a lot of people struggling to get their "real" bills paid, so I'll bet that where a lot of that money will go.

  7. It worked quite well the last time they did it, and that was only $300. Something like 45% of people IMMEDIATELY went out and spent their checks. It's the American way! Free money?!?! Let's buy some crap! But seriously, I agree about the Iraq war. We've GOT to stop pumping money into that.