Saturday, January 05, 2008


Update on Polka Floyd:

T & I went last night to see Polka Floyd and we have two words....FREAK'N AWESOME!!!

They are VERY entertaining and fun and I think do both Pink Floyd and polka music justice! It is crazy b/c many of the songs are upbeat! T & I loved it!!! And it is hard to impress T. when it comes to Pink Floyd cover bands b/c Pink Floyd is his favorite band! But T. was very impressed and LOVED it! Probably b/c they also played Syd stuff as well! So if you are not a polka fan, it doesn't matter!

This is a MUST see for fans of either polka or floyd....or well really people who just like to have a good time! (great drinking music)

Have fun for those going to Toledo tonight! I promise you will be entertained!


  1. THAT is awesome. I'm glad you had such a great time.

  2. I am jealous! I was so ready to go Saturday in T-town until B. reminded me that you can smoke at the Bronze Boar. Yuck. They are going to be at the Village Idiot later in the month, I really hope to go then!

    What was your favorite part?

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  4. Let us know if you do go!!! We want to see them all the way through!

    Well the first song is awesome (no matter what it would be) because you are just thinking...I can't believe they are really playing Floyd and Polka together....and they are good!! haha

    I liked Bike and Shine on you crazy diamond!