Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sure to be a Life Changing Experience....

This Friday (Jan 4) at Howards in BG Terry, myslef and a couple of our friends are going to experience something that will change the course of our existence.

We are going to go see, none other than POLKA FLOYD! hahaha

Yes my friends, there is a polka band that sings Pink Floyd covers out there and apparently they are really good!

Check out their Myspace. I of course laughed the entire time I was listening but once you get past what you are actually listening too they are not that bad!

So if any one is up for something truly unique....check out Polka Floyd at Howards!


  1. THAT is awesome!!!! Enjoy!

  2. J., I am crying! That is hilarious! I had to wake our friend B. up to make him listen to 'Hey You'! I'm pretty sure we're going to go see them tomorrow in T-town - thanks!

  3. I love it! I do love cover bands of all sorts.

  4. PS We should try to get them booked at Gatorz.