Monday, January 28, 2008

I Love.... (2 for one)

The Foo Fighters new(er) CD – Echoes Silence Patience & Grace.

This CD is FANTASTIC! I have been listening to it non-stop since Christmas! It has harder songs, some mellow/acoustic songs, and everything in between! Just a great CD! I just love the Foo Fighters! (P.S. Dave G. is SO on my list!)

And for those who like things a bit off the wall then I suggest Ween’s new(er) CD – La Cucaracha. How does one describe their music….well you just can’t. Their stuff isn’t for everyone, especially people who question, “Why are they singing about that?”. It is just fun, eccentric, and very out there. I love it!!!


  1. Dave Grohl is on my friend Bob's list too. It's OK for me to tell you, he's cool with it.

  2. hehehe! Awesome!

    Dave is just that cool!